With Steven Kuhn and Lane Belone
Teaches you to create a system for yourself that will:
  •  Show you how to set stretch goals outside of your comfort zone.
  •  Enables you to take steps towards your goals every day that transform single actions into routines.
  •  Internalize your routine so comprehensively that it becomes a habit.
Ultimately, you will turn those habits into 
accountability systems you crave.
You know the old school goal-setting programs… the ones that force you to set superficial, meaningless goals you’re supposed to care about (but you don’t). The ones that make you feel like your goals are an obligation, not a choice. 
The only thing that guarantees is disappointment and frustration.
You stick to the plan for a few weeks, and then it all falls apart. Why? 
Because the old way of setting goals will NEVER get you the results you deserve.
You set new goals every year.
And every year the same thing happens.
You get overwhelmed by a laundry list of half-finished tasks. You started seven diets you
 never stuck to, your brilliant plan for scaling your business is in complete limbo, and you
wake up every morning thinking...
  •  Is this all my life will ever be?
  •  Am I ever going to rise to the heights I dream of in my career?
  •  I'm so tired of grinding every single day with nothing to show for it!
  •  I don't want to end this year in exactly the same place I started from!
Your goal setting strategies have failed you, but it’s not your fault. 
The old goal setting system you were taught doesn’t actually work.
You need newer, faster, and more successful techniques to make it all happen.
STOP feeling disappointed in your progress.
START setting goals the right way and see MASSIVE RESULTS with...
Transform Promises to Routines, Routines to
 Habits, and Habits into the Accountability
 System You Crave
with Steven Kuhn and Lane Belone
  •  The Last Goal Setting Course is not like ANY OTHER goal setting program you’ve ever seen. This is the be all, end all of your goal setting struggles. This course will teach you how to effectively set goals so they actually HAPPEN. You will learn how to change your relationship to the idea of a goal and build a system that will skyrocket your success, no matter what you want to accomplish.
  •  This course is the last goal setting course you will ever need because we will fix your behavior, not just have you make promises to change. New Year's resolutions are promises never kept because you don't have a system.
  •  Run by Steven Kuhn and Lane Belone, two high-performers that have put together the most successful method ever to set and reach your goals, this is the answer to all of the what if’s and but how’s of reaching the next level in your life and sustaining that next level.
Steven Kuhn
What could be more interesting than a decorated combat veteran who turns failing businesses into success across Europe and the USA, and has been hand-picked to consult some of the most influential people in the world Someone who has worked with rockstars, ran international organizations for celebrities, managed musicians, and sports personalities, he does it all using his H.I.T. Principles (Honest, Integrity & Transparency.)
Lane Belone
What would you call a guy that climbs mountains like Kilimanjaro, road trips across the entire United States and moves all the way to Central America because he wants to? All that within the first year after getting out of the military. What about dedicating most of his adult life to being an elite Green Beret, traveling to dozens of countries on 6 continents and explored the Arctic on a snow machine, all while teaching high-performance learning methods to thousands?
The Last Goal Setting Course delivers 8 curated video sessions with:
  •  New procedures in goal setting, pertaining to the world TODAY, not 50 years ago
  •  How to create a routine in perfect alignment with your goals, guaranteeing you actually achieve them
  • Step by step instructions on how to envision, set, and create habits that ensure you will reach your goal
  •  A strong community to support you and your achievements
  •  A Q&A for follow up questions after each session
The Truth Is...
Most people chase a goal thinking it’s just another mark they have to pass.
That attitude is almost guaranteed to stop you from succeeding.
Goals are feelings. We crave a complete sense of accomplishment. That “YES! I CAN DO 
THIS, AND MORE!” feeling you get when you achieve something truly meaningful.
When you implement the systems in The Last Goal Setting Course You'll Ever Need, you will unlock your potential and achieve more than you thought possible.
Stop questioning your ability to accomplish new goals. Invest in yourself and gain the tools you need to confidently take risks, knowing you will WIN.
Don’t Take Our Word For It…
And many others...
Don’t put your future off any longer!
Start making changes NOW!
This price is almost as unreal as your results will be:
only $349 for the 8-week course
Don’t let your goals weigh you down — let them carry you forward!

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